Weekly Boat Trips


Do you have an adventurous soul? Do you like to dive from a boat? We have the right trip for you!

Combine a world famous wreck with a beautiful National Park. For the wreck diving lovers Thistlegorm is just amazing. And for any diver that really want to see what Red Sea has to offer Ras Mohammed is the way to go.

Including full board, transfer and 3 dives
Perfect for Advanced Open Water Divers (max depth 30m)
Sailing distance: three and a half hours from Sharm el Sheik

S.S. Thistlegorm

“This is the perfect wreck dive where much of the original cargo still remains. The bow is just 15m blow the surface and the propeller at 27m. Measuring over 400 feet long, S.S. Thistlegorm often requires several dives to complete an extensive coverage, inside and out.

Once inside, divers can explore the ship’s holds where time has seemingly stood still. Motorbikes, trucks, guns and wartime cargo, never to reach its destination, lay stacked where it was loaded back in 1941.

It must be said, that even after several hundred dives on Thistlegorm, such is the allure it holds for divers, that there is always something new to see.”


Ras Mohammed

Shark and Yolanda reefs. The two reefs are actually the twin peaks of a single coral seamount rising just off the Ras Mohammed coast. Here you can see what remains of the Yolanda, a wrecked freighter. The ship itself slipped into the deep in 1986, after a severe storm but much of its cargo remains across the reef, including the very famous toilet seats.

Hundreds of different reef fishes can be spotted as can moray eels of one meter, along with bluespotted and blackspotted stingrays.

Never ending adventures

Explore the breathtaking Sinai and dive the Red Sea. Get taken away between the mountains and the sea and experience the desert inner peace