Things to do in Dahab

Desert Safaris

For the adventurous, we have lot to offer… a thrilling jeep tour to the Coloured Canyon, a snorkel trip to the Blue Hole or Ras Mohamed National Park.

Or maybe, you will simply loved a romantic camel ride at sunset through the sand dunes of Sinai. Or visit the ancient monastery of Sant Catherine and experience the first morning sunrays high above the summit of Mount Sinai.

There are lots of different trips that we can offer you, for more information, we are at your disposal. Just contact us!

Things to Do - Colored Canyon

Trip to the Coloured Canyon – all shades of the sand

Coloured Canyon is a beautiful rock formation, almost 800 kilometres long, located approximately 90 km from Dahab, close to the bigger town Nuweiba. Labyrinth of the rocks, wadis and canyons are breath-taking also because of the variety of the colours created by nature.

One day trip usually starts in the morning and experienced Bedouins guides take you to the part of Sinai which will always stay in your memories. Some of the rocks formations are going up to 40 metres and with a bit of climbing you can enjoy beautiful views over big part of Sinai mountains and desert.

Trip is recommended during the winter time, because of summer is extremely hot.

Don’t forget to take water, hat and solid shoes or sandals

Always, ask about possibility to visit this place, as often close for military training.

Trip to St. Catherine and Mount Sinai (Jebel Musa)

Trip to St. Catherine Monastery – one of the most famous spot in Sinai – could be either done separately, or like a part of night climbing to Mount Sinai, as well. Mount Sinai is breath-taking, over three hours long climbing to the top of the Moses Mountain. The highest peak is 2.610 m above the sea.

Usually, the trip starts around 11 PM from Dahab and climbing itself a bit after the midnight, to reach the top for an amazing sunrise. Also, if you prefer climbing on the day, you can go anytime. Often the night is spent on the top of some classical arishas, where is possible to rent a warm blanket, as temperature up could be also zero degrees in the winter.

Trip requires warm cloth, very good climbing shoes and good physical condition.

Experience guides take care of you and all your needs, included food.

Monastery could be visited better after previous confirmation, as often closed for internal ceremonies of the monastery or another Christian event.

Things to Do - St Katherine
Things to do Bedouin dinner

Bedouin dinner and/ or night in the desert

One of the most popular attractions is a night spent out in the desert, and sleeping under the crazy Sinai sky, far from any lights or signs of civilisation. Classical Bedouin dinner could be done close to Dahab (only 20 mins drive), or like a part of multi-day desert trip, where the night out is included. Casual Bedouin dinner is cooked by real Bedouins, who are also share their knowledge about the desert and life.

Min of 2 person is necessary to arrange spending the night in the desert

Trip to the White Canyon

White Canyon is probably the most visited canyon from all, because of the easy location and attractive Bedouin oases, with friendly locals, where you can get a cup of tea and rest in the shade for a while, even wet your legs in simple artificial “pool”.
Canyon is located next to the oasis Ein Khudra, and usually visited by 4×4 Jeep safari cars not just from Dahab direction, but also Saint Katherine direction.

The canyon is carved in soft rocks of a plain and beginning of the journey is created by the crack with a sudden deep drop and a rope. Experienced guides usually help to all visitors to pass that part of the journey. Usual stop in the oases is approximately in the middle of the one day trip, when you need to hide from heat the most.

Things to do - White Canyon
Things to do - Closed Canyon

Closed Canyon

Not too far from the white Canyon, the Closed Canyon is located – between Wadi Ghazala and Oasis Ein Khudra. As the name says, it is not possible to walk through, as at the end canyon is naturally closed by its end, in the widest area. The narrow path between almost vertical walls starts in a small crack, and is really narrow the whole way, sometimes is necessary to climb a over a stone which closed the way. The path is extremely beautiful, and also here is possible to see some typical inhabitants – lizards, fox and some kind of birds, rarely and if lucky, some snakes.

Canyon could be visited independently, same as together with the white Canyon in one day trip.

Salama Canyon

Salama Canyon is sometimes called “Little Coloured Canyon”. Canyon starts also in the crack of wadi Ghazala. The entry is easily recognizable from the Saint Katherine Nuweiba road, thanks to the rusty truck on the ill with smiley face on it. Salama Canyon is mainly sandy place, just beginning is a bit rocky add involves some climbing. Canyon is generally surprisingly short, and its lower part is wide, as connected to bigger Wadi Disco, where is a little Bedouin village. Salama Canyon has not just nice canyon, but also mountains possible to climb.

Trip to the Double Canyon (Arada Canyon)

Double Canyon is known also as Arada Canyon, and is located below Guna Plateau. In fact, they are two canyons there, connected in the middle by a path over a small rock plateau. During a day trip we most possibly stay inside the canyons, but if you wish to spend night at the desert, there is highly recommended to climb a bit to the edge of the Guna range, where is a view point known as Nosrat el Guna, which offers great views on the desert and the high surrounded mountains.

Things to do - Arada Canyon
Things to do - Nawamis


This mysterious word, which no one knows exactly how to spell, belongs to the not a less mysterious “buildings”, which look a bit as Christians rotundas, but are built out of sandstone. In fact, they are probably tombs, built in prehistoric times, dated back to Chalcolithic period (Copper Stone Age), 4000 – 3150 BC. Inside those very small round buildings (3-6 , in diameter and 2-3 m high only) were found coloured beads, bracelets made from shells, tools and bones reminds.

Buildings used to be dark, as only light source was only through the window / door, always facing to the west.

We have in Sinai probably the biggest place of those mysterious buildings – around 30 of them are found just next to the road between Nuweiba to St. Catherine.

all trips need to be book at least 2 days in advance and confirmed

deposit in advance could be charged

ask in the office for more details

most of the trip require minimum number of people

Snorkelling Trips

We arrange daily snorkelling trips to Dahab’s most amazing sites and coral reefs. Such as Canyon, Blue Hole, South Oasis and much more

Suitable for all ages

All snorkel equipment are available

Snorkel Trips

Never ending adventures

Explore the breathtaking Sinai and dive the Red Sea. Get taken away between the mountains and the sea and experience the desert inner peace